Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's Your Status?

This is a meme started by Butterfly Feet Walking on Life and I really like this, so I am going to try to put this into a weekly routine. Unfortunately, I am a little late on it, but look for this each Saturday (unless I am late like I was this week!)

Finished This Week: 

 Click here for my review on this book!
Click here for my review on this book!

Currently Reading:

Very good so far! On page 247.

To Be Read Pile: 

Haven't gotten to read this series yet (I know-gasp!), so really looking forward to it!

Still another series I haven't yet read! I know...what is wrong with me?! Sounds very good also!

Another great series I want to start!

Looking forward to reading all of these series! Any recommendations for me? Feel free to leave some comments explaining what is wrong with me for not starting these series sooner!

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