Review Policy

To any authors and/or publicists:


I am so honored that you have visited my blog! 

I will gladly take any books that you would want me to review, which include ARCs, finished copies, manuscripts, etc., and promote them to all people reading my blog! I will always put in an honest and thoughtful review of the book and spread the word to my followers on my blog. My reviews will usually include a summary of the book and a few paragraphs on my thoughts on the book.

My rating scale for a book will be A+ to F, like a school grading system. I will give an analysis of my rating with a few parts to it, listed below. I will give points to each part, which will add up to 100 and shows the reader how I came up with the grade for the book.

1. Plot- Rating the plot of a story
2. Characters- Rating the development of the characters, and how much I liked them 
3. Writing- Rating how well the author writes the book
4. Creativity- How much creativity the author uses in the book
5. Originality- How much this book is more original than others in its genre
6. Ending- If I liked how the book ended
7. Cover- My rating for the book cover. 

I also have a section for parents, if this book is good for their child. It will consider if a book has violence, cursing, sexual content, or drug/alcohol use. This will help parents in finding out if it would be a good book for their child. I have an "About the Author" section, which talks about the author, with links to the author's website and the book's website (if it has one). There will also be links to see the book on Goodreads, or buy the book at Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound. The last part of my review will have the trailer for the book, if it has one. 

A little bit of criteria I need in the books you would send me:

1. I mainly read youth adult books, but I do also accept Middle Grade/Tween/Adult. Feel free to send me anything you want, because I will probably end up reading the book, even if it isn't Young Adult!

2. I will read basically any genre, but my favorites are: contemporary fiction, mystery, paranormal romance, horror, and realistic fiction. If the book isn't one of these genres, I will accept any other book because it probably is part of a genre that I really like too. I am open to any book to read and review!

3. As of right now, I can't accept e-book materials, but I do accept paperback, hardback, etc.

I always welcome new books to read and I am very appreciative to anyone who sends them! After I finish the review on my blog, I will send the link to whoever sent me an email on reviewing the book.

You may contact me at:


I would love to talk to authors to help promote their books further! Feel free to email me at the email address above if you would like an interview from me. I would be very appreciative to talk to any author about a book or any other topics, so I am always up to interviewing authors!


I am always up to doing giveaways or contests for books and other items that are sent to me! You can email me at any time if you would like me to do a giveaway on my blog!