About Me

My name is Kristen, and one of my passions in life, is reading. Every day I always have to pick up a book, and read it any time I can...even if I have other priorities to take care of. So, I wanted to make a book blog, where I can have a place to show books I have read and give my opinions to other readers on that book.

I love reading Young Adult books, but sometimes you'll find me reading Adult books also. I am usually open to any book genre, and I would love to hear from other book bloggers with recommendations for books!

In my reviews for books, you will find these things:
1. A picture of the cover of the book
2. The title & author
3. Publisher and Publishing Date
4. How many pages are in the book
5. Rating of the book
6. Summary of the book
7. My review for the book

My rating scale for books might seem a little complicated and confusing, but it actually is more helpful for readers this way. My rating scale for a book will be A+ to F, like a school grading system. I will give an analysis of my rating with a few parts to it, listed below. I will give points to each part, which will add up to 100 and shows the reader how I came up with the grade for the book.

1. Plot- Rating the plot of a story
2. Characters- Rating the development of the characters, and how much I liked them
3. Writing- Rating how well the author writes the book
4. Creativity- How much creativity the author uses in the book
5. Originality- How much this book is more original than others in its genre
6. Ending- If I liked how the book ended
7. Cover- My rating for the book cover.

I also have a section for parents, if this book is good for their child. It will consider if a book has violence, cursing, sexual content, or drug/alcohol use. This will help parents in finding out if it would be a good book for their child. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!